Synchro Pro: Advanced level

Synchro PRO is a rapidly developing software worth close attention of planning, VDC and BIM specialists. It is flexible in data management, so you can easily import and process wide range of file formats, combine and synchronize files with source ones. Synchro PRO is also a CPM-based scheduling software therefore you are free to import, modify, synchronize or create work program from the scratch.
This course aimed to train you how to use Synchro PRO more effectively, in creative and interoperable way. You will learn how to integrate it with Autodesk Products and Microsoft Project, process imported files and schedules, create and manage user field data, visually interpret data, as well as use Synchro PRO for reporting.
It is recommended the course listener have to have some knowledge and a little experience working in Synchro PRO, however not a compulsory requirement.

Duration: 3 h 7 min


Course sponsor

Айбим (iBIM) – consulting company wich successfully implements consulting projects for the best development and construction companies of Russia and Kazakhstan since 2011. Company portfolio includes 10 complex implementation projects, and more than 40 consulting project cases with leading construction market participants.


Course created by

Mikhail Mushurov – author
Olga Korshunova – development coordinator
Anastasia Gorda – edition and publishing
Alexander Vysotskiy – general coordination, motivation and support

Айбим (iBIM)

iBIM company was founded in 2011 and since that time specializes on complex consulting projects for the most progressive development, commercial and industrial construction and infrastructure companies across Russia and Kazakhstan. Company portfolio includes 40+ consulting and integration projects.

Company projects cover all stages of construction – from efficient design to cost-effective and time-bound construction and maintenance. Since 2012 iBIM is partnering with Bentley Systems focusing on reselling, integration and adoption of Synchro software. In order to complement existing software (such as Synchro etc) with industry and country-specific applications iBIM develops its own software for construction: cost estimation (Larix.EST), procurement (Larix.CPM) and database management (Larix.CDB).

Mikhail Mushurov

In short

BIM/VDC Specialist in Nika Project Management Consultant Company. For the last 5 years, I have been living in the heart of Turkey – Istanbul. During this period, I earned 3-year experience in Building Information Modelling (Revit), Visual Programming (Dynamo), BIM Management (various CDE solutions, develop BIM workflows and guides, productivity and clash reporting, etc.), planning and VDC (Synchro PRO). Currently, we are providing consultancy in terms of BIM and Project Management using combination of wide-range high-end softwares within Turkey as well as on the international arena. Our experience includes infrastructural (underground and highway), large civil and manufacture projects.


Graduated Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering with double-degree in fields of “Civil and Industrial Engineering” and “Professional Communication Interpreter/Translator – English”. Then completed Master’s Degree in field of Civil Engineering at Yildiz Technical University. Fluent in English and Turkish foreign languages. During my academic carrier and afterwards I am actively working and developing sharp vision in scope of IPD/BIM/VDC application.

Projects involved

– BIM Coordination & Simulation for pre-contract design phase of Sultangazi-Arnavutköy metro line;
– BIM Coordination & Simulation for pre-contract design phase of Seyrantepe-Alibeyköy metro line;
– TBM tunnel As-Built modelling for various metro lines;
– BIM Coordination & 4D/5D for construction phase of Eminönü-Alibeyköy tram line;
– VDC/BIM at DUQM Refinery Project;
– Preparation of BIM standard and design workflows;
– Preparation of BEP and information management according with ISO 19650 1-2.

Hobbies and personal interests

I like swimming, as well as many other kind of sports, and lead a healthy lifestyle. I love spending time with my big family, enjoy travelling and meet open-minded and easy communicable people. Actively improving chess skills on my leisure.


Source files




Synchro Pro, 4D, video lesson, BIM

Import Project to Synchro Pro

Review Synchro Pro plug-ins page,download plug-ins for exporting Revit to Synchro and Navisworks to Synchro, Importing model from Revit to Synchro Pro.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Import to Synchro, Revit to Synchro, Navisworks to Synchro, Synchro Pro Interoperability, video lesson, BIM

Model Health Check and Synchronization

Perform model informational consistency check in Synchro Pro, checking and filtering elements by values, hide/isolate specific elements, Synchronizing updated model back to Synchro.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Synchro parameters, Synchro Pro model Health Check, Synchronize From, video lesson, BIM

Editing Resource parameters inside Synchro Pro

Create a report for a design team, use Dynamo for displaying set of elements inside Revit, editing parameter values inside Synchro Pro with Excel.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Report to Revit, Dynamo, Changing parameter values inside Synchro Pro, video lesson, BIM

Resource User Field values and assignment

Create User Field values for Resources, Prepare an excel report, transfer parameter values from Synchro Pro to Revit and back.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Export values to Revit, Dynamo, Dynamo Player, Excel to Revit, video lesson, BIM

Creating workschedule with MS Project

Create WBS codes to use in MS Project, prepare lookup user values in Excel, finilaze schedule in MS Project, use Synchro help for import, import .xml to Synchro Pro.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Export resource values to Excel, WBS for Synchro Pro and MS Project, Lookup for MS Project, Import from MS Project to Synchro Pro, video lesson, BIM

Task properties & synchronization with MS Project

Review Task Properties inside Synchro Pro, Create Calendar and assign it to tasks, Export Project from Synchro to MS Project, Review Problem with calendar assignment, synchronize .XML Project inside Synchro Pro.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Scheduling, Synchro Calendars, MS Project interoperability, Synchronize from XML, video lesson, BIM

Calculated Task User Field

Create user field values for schedule, Fill down user field values with MS Excel, Create calculated parameter in Synchro Pro.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Scheduling, Task User Fields, Excel interoperability, Calculated User Field, video lesson, BIM

Assigning Resources to Task Manually

Create custom filters for Resource and Task Columns, Assigning resources to tasks from Resource tab, Assigning resources to tasks for Resource Properties window.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Scheduling, Filter resource, Filter tasks, Assign Resource

Assigning Resources to Task Automatically

Create Automathing rule for assigning resources to tasks, Report missing activities to the planning team, Synchronise from new schedule.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Scheduling, Filter resources and tasks, Automatch activities to resources, report to planning team, video lesson, BIM

Understanding 3D Objects and Resourses

Import 3D Objects from Revit, Load/Unload Objects from memory, Change 3D object’s transparancy, Create enlarged list of Resources.

Synchro Pro, 4D, 3D Obects, Objects transparancy settings, Enlarged resource list, video lesson, BIM

Creating Schedule from Resources

Review basic planning functionality, Create activities from the Resources, Alter task durations and dependencies, Play animation.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Planning, Gantt chart, Activities from Resources, Task links, Animation, video lesson, BIM

Resource decomposition and assignment

Compare 3D Objects and Resource parameters based on the type creation, Decompose resources with further creating activities automatically.

Synchro Pro, 4D,3D Object and Resource properties, Resource decomposition, Activities from resources, video lesson, BIM

Understanding Baselines

Creating project Baseline, Critical Path, Baseline colours, Introduction to task statuses, Compare baselines on 3D, WBS colours, WBS layout, Find & Replace.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Baselines and scenarios, Planned vs Actual, Resource Statuses, WBS layout, Find & Replace, video lesson, BIM

Tasks Filtering

Applying tasks filtering from Gantt chart, Create new filter, Filtering by criteria, Look ahead filters, Multiple filters.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Task Filters, Filtering by name, Filtering by criteria, Compound task filter, Look ahead filter, video lesson, BIM

Understanding Grouping functionality

Grouping tasks based on task value, Applying colours to groups, Grouping by several criteria.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Task Grouping, Grouping by multiple criteria, Arranging Gantt view, video lesson, BIM

Grouping activities by Codes

Creating task codes, Assigning task codes, Grouping activities by task codes, Dispaying Gantt based on Activity code colour, Setting 3D View based on Activity Code Colour.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Task Grouping by activity codes, Assigning activity codes to activities, Diplaying 3D View based on Activity colour, video lesson, BIM

Display by resource code

Transfer User Field values from 3D Objects to the Resources, Create Resource Code, Automatically create Resource Code Values by means of Script, Display by resource code.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Copy UF values, Create Resource Code, Synchro Script, Automatize resource value creation, Display resources by codes, video lesson, BIM

Colouring by 3D Table Column

Coloring objects by 3D Table column, Colour object by Value, Colour 3D View by Multiple Colour, Conditional formating of 3D objects.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Conditional formating by value, Colour mode by 3D table column, Multiple Colors heatmap, Multiple 3D Views, video lesson, BIM

3D Filters and Display Properties

Applying 3D Filters, Combining 3D Filters, Include or Exclude filtered objects, Overwrite filtered element’s colour, Filter by status, Filter by User field and Codes.

Synchro Pro, 4D, 3D Filter, Multiple 3D filters, Exclude filtered elements, Overwrite colour, Filter by Code, Filter by User Field Value, video lesson, BIM

Apply Company Colour mode

Creating different types of companies, Company URL, Browser, Assign company to resources and tasks, Supplier and customer companies, Displaying 3D View based on Resource and Task company supplier colour.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Companies, Supplier and Customer, URL, Browser, Company colours, Gantt colour mode, Resource supplier, Task Supplier, video lesson, BIM

Roles and Permissions

Creating users and granting permissions, Creating new role, Restricting access to file change and view.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Users, Permissions, Roles, Administrator, Superuser, video lesson, BIM

Project Settings and Documents

Explaining Project settings in details, Introduction to costs, Revise measurements, Adding documents to Project, Assigning documents to tasks and objects, Assign URL documents and Links, Link live camera to Project.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Project Settings, Costs, Measurements, Adding documents, Assigning documents and links to tasks, Assigning URL, Live Camera example, video lesson, BIM

Notes, Issues and Alerts

Creting notes to tasks and objects, Creating Issues, Linking issue to tasks and objects, Capturing issue as viewpoint, Review schedule in Risks tab.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Project Settings, Notes, Issues, Assign Issue, Capture issue viewpoint, Check schedule Risks, video lesson, BIM

User Field Graph

Creating User Field Graph, Calculating SUMs of assigned resources to activities, Plotting the graph, Cumulative graph in Excel and Synchro, Comparison graph planned and actual.

Synchro Pro, 4D, User Field Graph, Copy UF, Cumulative graphs, Planned vs Actual graph, video lesson, BIM

Costs and Planned Value EVA Graph

Assigning cost values to the resources, Displaying task cost, Assigning direct cost to task, Assigning cost to human resources, Display Planned Value EVA, Export graph data to Excel, Draw cumulative in Excel.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Rates, Costs, Cost types, Human resource assignment, Task direct cost, Resource cost, Planned value, EVA Graph, Excel cumulative, video lesson, BIM

Resource costs

Assigning resource cost values by type, manual and excel methods, Assigning planned work value from actual volumes, Synchro Script for volume assignment.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Resouce costs, Resource types, Excel – Synchro Pro, Synchro script, Planned value, video lesson, BIM

What-if? in Synchro Pro

Planned Value – Baseline Value comparison, Changing Costs, Restore baselined tasks.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Resouce costs,What-if, Baselines, PV-BL Comparison, Restore Baseline, video lesson, BIM

Planned Utilization

Planned Utilization Properties, Planned units/time and Planned Units input, Fixed units, Planned resource count and budgeted cost calculation.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Resouce costs, Utilization, Planned units, Fixed units, Resource count, Cost estimations, video lesson, BIM

Basics of Earned Value Analysis

Basics principles of EVA, Reviewing task Progress types, Assigning actual units, Physical Quantity Dependent type, Creating Prodution Rates, Adding cost report, EVA.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Progress types, Actual quantity, Physical Quantity Dependent, Rates, Cost Reports, EVA, video lesson, BIM

Task and Resource Usage

Adjusting display of Resource usage graph, Timeline settings, Properties of Resoure Usage spreadsheet and Task Usage spreadsheet, Display configurations, Export to Excel.

Synchro Pro, 4D, Resource Usage graph, Resource Usage spreadsheet, Task Usage spreadsheet, Timeline, Configuration, Export to Excel, video lesson, BIM

Introduction to Safety Planning

Importing workspaces from Revit, Creating workspaces from the bounding box and extrusion, (URL:,Safety planning, Adding notes to signs, Tag places of accidents, Review notes.

Synchro PRO, 4D, Workspaces, Extrusion, Safety Planning, Accident register

IRAY & 3D PDF Reports

Apply IRAY render, Assign texture to materials, Add IRAY Light , Adjust IRAY View Settings, Export with IRAY, Export with 3D PDF.

Synchro PRO, 4D, IRAY, Quality render, Apply materials, Create lights, Export IRAY viewpoint, Export 3D PDF