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Why are we the best?

We have achieved efficiency for the BIM – consulting market due to our expertise and the highest quality of the services provided.

We will add value to your design, construction, maintenance and carrying out examination activities.

Best practices and expertise let us solve any issues concerning BIM: implementation on turnkey basis, training, audit, support, document development and more.

Branch leaders

A team of the best BIM-experts in Russia and the CIS let us achieve the highest quality of BIM – consulting.

Trainers at Vysotskiy Consulting – practicing designers with the long record of experience in this field. They realize perfectly well needs and difficulties of the actual design process, provide answers to all practical questions and can explain the most complicated issues in simple terms.

Alexander Visotskiy
BIM–experience more than 8 years
Trained and implemented BIM In leading companies in Russia and the CIS
TOP–100 of the best BIM trainers
Lecturer in Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Sergey Makarov
5 years in BIM management
Unique expertise in creating BIM-environment
Proprietary course on BIM in South Ural State University (National Research University)

Mikhail Cherviakov
Specialist in recent trends of BIM
Network and Web technologies

Juice factory


overall reduction of the design period by 50%

dramatic simplification of the approval process for design options

accuracy increase by 200%

Residential area «Northern Capital»


50% design period reduction

the rate of change is higher by 300%

4 times less mistakes

Train station «Olympic Park» (Sochi City)

Studio 44

development of the supporting frames

data pre-processing for the production

accurate and fast assembling

Block of flats in Chelyabinsk City

Legion – project

overall design period reduction by 30...70%

3 times faster amendments

no “field assembly” during the construction

Proven results

The best indicator of the professionalism – the results achieved by the companies that had committed to us their switch to BIM.

The companies carried out the most difficult projects with the help of BIM technologies.

Together with all our clients we head for a long-term result based on the trust and mutual support.

Business investments

Cooperation with us means investments in your business. We save your time and money while implementing BIM technologies and do it a lot better than others.

We provide free training applied to your projects, record videos of the training and do not limit the size of a study group.

Stay leading

Leaders in such branches as: architect bureau, project and construction companies, government organizations. They have improved their efficiency due to our services.


leading companies

BIM reports

Alexandr Vysotskiy


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