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Amazing information for the English-speaking civil engineers: advanced Synchro PRO course  has published on

Course sponsor – iBIM – is a company that specializes on complex consulting projects for the most progressive development, commercial and industrial construction and infrastructure companies across Russia and Kazakhstan.

This course aimed to train you how to use Synchro PRO more effectively, in creative and interoperable way. You will learn how to integrate it with Autodesk Products and Microsoft Project, process imported files and schedules, create and manage user field data, visually interpret data, as well as use Synchro PRO for reporting.

It is recommended the course listener have to have some knowledge and a little experience working in Synchro PRO, however not a compulsory requirement.

It is very important for us to receive your feedback on the course. Your comments and suggestions will help to develop material on future blocks in a short time. Please feel free to use the feedback form at the end of the course. Or write us on